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My virtual “tribe” (wtf?)

“The role of the author would be forced to change radically: No more E.B. Whites tucked away in a Maine writer’s shack. The new author, Krozser suggested a little scarily, ‘has to prove their worth’ from now on. According to Stier, it is no longer acceptable for authors show up by themselves; instead they must come with their virtual ‘tribe.’ Authors will need to demonstrate a facility with social networking, or foster an ongoing relationship with the text that continues beyond the official publication, through crowd sourcing and customer feedback (imagine Thomas Pynchon adding chapters to ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ as a premium to loyal fans).”
At SXSWi: A panel on the future of publishing, by Peter Miller, LA Times Jacket Copy blog, March 15, 2010 (ooh, Ides of March)

I have two thoughts on this:

1. Isn’t it hard enough to write and publish (and publish well) these books?
2. It’s a good goddamn thing I can play the baritone ukulele since writing a good book isn’t enough anymore.

Oh, and yes, I am fangirling Peter Miller. He’s so cool, I get frostbite just reading his posts. But I digress and I don’t have time because now, in addition to Social Networking, I’ve got to get a virtual posse, no, cabal, no, tribe! Yes! That’s it! A virtual tribe! Y’know, I’m just not sure the baritone and I are up to that.