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2024 maybe?

“Absent from the 20 candidates who were selected for the Democrats’ first televised debates was Steve Bullock, the governor of Monatana and the only Democratic governor of a state won by Mr Trump in the race, because he was lower in the polls and had fewer individual campaign donors than other candidates. Meanwhile Marianne Williamson, spiritual guru, whose assertion that ‘there’s no higher art than living a beautiful life’ may not be the winning message Democrats are searching for in 2020, was allowed to speak on the party’s platform to millions of Americans. It does not have to be like this. Party leaders used to exercise more sway over primaries. They could do so again.” (emphases mine)
Should political parties really let anyone run for president?, The Economist, July 25, 2019

Get ready for 4 more years of stupid if the Dems are this STUPID. GAH!

I guess it’s too late, but I just sent Governor Bullock $10 if only to make myself feel better about… something (and I’m really broke right now).

Update! Steve B is at the 2nd debate. I feel much better now; totally worth that $10.

Note: I seem to recall from HS civics class that our president must have a college degree to be president. Maybe we should require a JD and bar license number. I know, I know, Nixon was a lawyer, but at least the JDs really know what laws they’re breaking (and break them anyway, alas). And let’s get rid of the electoral college; we don’t need it anymore. After all, this isn’t the French Revolution, is it? IS IT? Oh well, just a thought, before my brain turns into election year goo.