Storylandia 11: Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Clue

Where to buy: 10% off with this coupon: HDCYF4CR this online store; Amazon; Kindle

Where to buy: 10% off with this coupon: HDCYF4CR this online store; Amazon; Kindle

It’s 1986 and there’s trouble in Macarthur Park, and Mabel Hackenbush, better known as Dr. Hackenbush of Dr. Hackenbush and her Orchestra, is up to her neck in it. She’s trying to help out her friends Anna Kodaly and Ross, and winds up in the middle of a mystery in the elderly Westlake section of Los Angeles. Oh, and during all this she and the band and are playing gigs wherever and whenever. It’s a Hackenbush mystery in the best tradition of the other Hackenbush mystery, “Dr. Hackenbush Gets Some Culture.”

Finally the Hackenbush mysteries are published! Yay!

Storylandia 8: Dr. Hackenbush Gets Some Culture

Where to buy: 10% discount code: HDCYF4CR at this online store; eligible for Free Shipping at Amazon; Kindle.
Storylandia 8 sample pages and for more Hackenbush, please visit

Storylandia 8: Dr. Hackenbush Gets Some Culture

Sample and for more Hackenbush, please visit

Darkness at Sunset and Vine Trilogy

Where to buy: 10% off code: NS2SLXXK at this online store; Amazon, eligible for Free Shipping; Kindle.
“I think it all officially went to hell when the President, for lack of a better title, stopped giving speeches and hired an actor to do them. It had been going to hell for years, but this seemed to be the official announcement that life as we once knew it was over and was never coming back.

“I was working late that night at Universal Insurance; sometimes a girl’s gotta put in a little overtime if she’s gonna surf the web at work most of the day. Being a data entry drone was a safe gig for now. I still had my PI license, but the Company, as the Rumsfeld Stasi part of the CIA was still called even after his fatal car accident in a parked car, told me to cool it for a while. No better place to be invisible than a seedy insurance company in Hollywood. Still, the least those bastards could have done was get me a better job or any job. I had to dig this one up myself in the LA Times want ads. Since all publishing was banned, the LA Times is little more than a crappy zine with the Internet Broadcast schedule and want ads. Nevertheless, I hate newszines; the newsprint gets all over your hands. You’d think science could do something about that. But there wasn’t much science anymore, so I was out of luck, as usual.”

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Electricland gets five stars at Amazon

“In her novel Electricland Ms. Mayerson has a character ask, ‘Can any of you remember any of the middle-aged women you have met recently well enough to describe her and identify her?’ The answer is of course no. This provides the stealth technology for the world’s most effective violence for hire group.”
Electricland review, by D. McFarland.

Thanks, D! Electricland actually takes place in 2008, but I might have been too cagey about that.

Drug smuggling on the internet

“A multinational police force last week arrested eight men on suspicion of running a secret online store called “The Farmer’s Market” that sold more than $1 million worth of narcotics, including LSD, ecstasy, fentanyl, mescaline, ketamine, DMT, and high-end marijuana.

“According to a 66-page, 12-count indictment that was unsealed last Monday, The Farmer’s Market provided a fully functional e-commerce experience, including a storefront, order forms, online forums, customer service, and various payment methods for the different sources of supply.”
Tor-hidden online narcotics store, ‘The Farmer’s Market’, brought down in multinational sting, by Lisa Vaas, Naked Security, April 23, 2012

And I thought I was making that up. Well, it’s more drug smuggling than e-commerce in Electricland. But still… What will those crazy kids think up next? I’m afraid to find out.

Coming soon: the Darkness at Sunset and Vine trilogy

But until then, you can amuse yourselves mightily at, the production and essay site for the readers’ theater version of Part I of the trilogy. Part I used to be called Darkness at Sunset and Vine but has been renamed, The Way we Live Now at Sunset and Vine. The production of it simply made my year in 2008. Or you can look around the publisher site at, which is also fun, but not as much. Enjoy!

The book should be on sale at least by June of 2012 (she wrote with great confidence).

Gamers Unlock AIDS Protein

“In just three weeks, gamers deciphered the structure of a key protein in the development of AIDS that has stumped scientists for years. According to a study published Sunday in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, the findings could present a significant breakthrough for AIDS and HIV research.

“Using an online game called Foldit, players were able to predict the structure of a protein called retroviral protease, an enzyme that plays a critical role in the way HIV multiplies. Unlocking the build of the protein could theoretically aid scientists in developing drugs that would stop protease from spreading.”
Gamers Unlock Protein Mystery That Baffled AIDS Researchers For Years, by Leslie Horn,, September 19, 2011

Gamers for good!

Electricland shelf-life

For a limited time, Electricland will be available at a Pittsburgh area bookstore.

Fleeting Pages Bookstore will be open from May 7 until June 7, 2011 at the former Borders in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Loscation: 5986 Penn Circle South, Pittsburgh, PA.
Fleeting Pages Bookstore, FleetingPages, April 22, 2011

If you’ve ever wanted to find Wapshott titles in a bookstore and you’re in or near Pittsburgh, well, this is your chance from May 7 to June 7.

Please cross-post and spread the word. It’s one thing to have a bookstore; it’s another to have customers.

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job in Splash Magazine

“Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job… One of the Best Indie Published Book Titles of the Year! is listed. You can now see Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job… One of the Best Indie Published Book Titles of the Year! in this guide Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gifts and Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gift Guide Under $10 for 2011”
Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gifts – Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gift Guide From $10 to $15 2011, Splash Magazine, February 2011

They’re sorted by price, highest to lowest, so scroll down. Hackenbush in the the cheap and cheerful section.

Why I live in Los Angeles

Because I like the part I live in and I can’t afford to live in Paris, Berlin or Warsaw. But also…

“Also, crucially: The Age of Innocence’s lack of diversity is an illusion. The book is entirely about the moment the barriers broke down—when the roiling masses started to gain cultural traction and define the city, when Society surrendered its capital S. It’s a portrait of the moment that created the city we know today.

“None of which should obscure the fact that the book is just flat-out great fiction, with one of the most perfectly melancholy endings you will ever have the excruciating good fortune to suffer through. It will, in other words, break your heart in the end, just as New York inevitably will.”
Greatest (NYC) Novel Ever, by Sam Anderson, NY Magazine, January 9, 2011

Now that I think about it, I can’t afford to live in New York either. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to suffer through another 70F winter on the Pacific.