By Ginger Mayerson

Wapshott Press

There is nothing more dangerous than a woman with nothing to lose.

“This is my field,” Titania said. “I’m a terrorism analyst. No one listens to me, but I do have to turn in reports on something to keep my salary and health insurance.” Her hand came down firmly on the knife when Viola’s eyes strayed to it. “When I heard the first rumors of women terrorists, I proposed a team to study them. My country is responsible for quite a bit of collateral damage, there’s bound to be blowback, and some of it might be female.”

“Yes, kill a woman’s family and friends, destroy her home. Difficult to know what she’ll do,” Viola said.

Set in late 2008, “Electricland” satirically describes a large scale terrorist operation that goes wrong and the damage control put into effect in Los Angeles. The terrorist cell of seven brilliant middle aged women, known as the Seven Sirens, use hackers and gamers in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game online game called “Electricland” to wreak havoc in and terrorize secure networks. The hackers and gamers think they’re playing a game while they’re really being played by the Seven Sirens. Until one of the hackers gets cocky and all hell breaks loose.

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Due to formatting, Electricland is only available for e-readers as a pdf.

For those of who’d rather read this as a pdf, it’s here: Electricland_by_Mayerson_Serialization_Pages.

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