Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job

Where to buy: Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Bookfinder; IndieBound; Createspace (10% off code: BPHVWHNH); eBook format; More options.

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job (ISBN: 0982581300)
by Ginger Mayerson

Click image for larger cover, read back cover, you’ll be amused

Sample pages

Where to find me: Ginger Mayerson, Facebook1, Facebook2, MySpace, LinkedIn, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Twitter, Email, and Skype: hackenskype.

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Where to buy:


From Createspace with this code for 20% off: T7XRB43S

From Amazon, eligible for Free Shipping

From Barnes and Noble

You can also search BookFinder.com for ISBN 978-0-9825813-0-8 to find other retailers. However, it might take a while after March 3, 2010 for it to propagate into the wider system.


ePub for Sony Readers and the Barnes and Noble Nook at Web-Books.com.

And for the Kindle.

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