Darkness at Sunset and Vine

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“I think it all officially went to hell when the President, for lack of a better title, stopped giving speeches and hired an actor to do them. It had been going to hell for years, but this seemed to be the official announcement that life as we once knew it was over and was never coming back.

“I was working late that night at Universal Insurance; sometimes a girl’s gotta put in a little overtime if she’s gonna surf the web at work most of the day. Being a data entry drone was a safe gig for now. I still had my PI license, but the Company, as the Rumsfeld Stasi part of the CIA was still called even after his fatal car accident in a parked car, told me to cool it for a while. No better place to be invisible than a seedy insurance company in Hollywood. Still, the least those bastards could have done was get me a better job or any job. I had to dig this one up myself in the LA Times want ads. Since all publishing was banned, the LA Times is little more than a crappy zine with the Internet Broadcast schedule and want ads. Nevertheless, I hate newszines; the newsprint gets all over your hands. You’d think science could do something about that. But there wasn’t much science anymore, so I was out of luck, as usual.”

The first 21 pages of Darkness at Sunset and Vine Trilogy.

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