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Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job in Splash Magazine

“Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job… One of the Best Indie Published Book Titles of the Year! is listed. You can now see Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job… One of the Best Indie Published Book Titles of the Year! in this guide Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gifts and Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gift Guide Under $10 for 2011”
Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gifts – Valentine’s Day Entertainment Gift Guide From $10 to $15 2011, Splash Magazine, February 2011

They’re sorted by price, highest to lowest, so scroll down. Hackenbush in the the cheap and cheerful section.

Linda Robinson makes my week at

“‘Direct from the middle class, the fabulous Dr. Hackenbush…’ Baritone ukulele-playing bandleader, singer, dancer, dictaphone temp, Mabel Hackenbush stands easily with everyday heroes in favorite books. William Gibson’s Chevette Washington, Martin Amis’ Mike Hoolihan, Robert Heinlein’s Star from Glory Road. Strong female leads are rare; thoughtful, unapologetically opinionated, get it done women are rarer still. Dr. Hackenbush has moxie enough to thwart a bus driver trying to speed away from a late boarder, to perform a little dance for the unseen homeless warming in the building lobby, to do what’s necessary when it’s critical, and to stay the hell away from another woman’s man. She can snatch the limelight from an arrogant boss with a microphone and a good high-heeled sprint, wear sensible shoes or spandex with equal ease, and balance her checkbook. Hackenbush is smart, savvy, sexy and sensible. She can carefully skim ‘along the safer part of the truth,’ and knows it’s ‘never good to owe anybody too much.’ Mayerson’s book chronicles a life like any other, without the falling down, whiny, “why me” frailties wedged in to move a typical plot along. Dr. Hackenbush can carry a tune and a novel, thank you very much, and I’m glad to know her.”
Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job, review by Linda Robinson,

This review was VERY helpful to me. Thanks, Linda!

Midwest Book Review

“Employment is one of the most frightening things that can happen. ‘Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job’ is the story of Jazz singer Mabel Hackenbush as she faces her situation of being a secretary as her ideal life is derailed. Not without her adventures in spite of this delve into the status-quo, ‘Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job’ is a fine read that is well worth considering.”
MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, July 2010

Right to the point and spot on, too. Yay!

Attention Amazon-less-than-lovers

Good news for those of you who’d like to support the Wapshott Press and independent booksellers. Well, now you can do both in one mouse click:

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job at

All the Wapshott titles are there, too. Yay!

Full disclosure: I have less of a problem with Amazon these days than I used to. Wapshott runs books through Createspace, which is Amazon’s POD arm. I do this because it’s the absolute best way to do this I’ve found so far. For example, Wapshott books are on w/out so much as lifting a finger beyond what I normally do at Createspace. For what I’m doing at Wapshott at this time, they’re good; I hope they stay that way. And if they don’t there are already almost as good alternatives, Baker & Taylor, for one example. Lulu just got too expensive a while ago and their cover quality isn’t as good as Createspace.

New Hackenbush review and a mention in the Whittier Daily News

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job review at I Spy With My Altered Eye on May 24, 2010

“Self-discovery is part of the journey in ‘Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job: Sexual Harassment and Class Warfare’ (Wapshott Press, $12) by Ginger Mayerson. Set in the ’80s, the novel finds Mabel Hackenbush between gigs, her baritone ukulele in ruins and her car in the shop. She takes on a day job, working to get back to her real calling as a jazz vocalist. South Pasadena resident Mayerson wrote music before turning to books.”
Author highlights stair-filled walks in Southland, by Michelle J. Mills, Whittier Daily News, May 16, 2010

Wow, when did I move to South Pas? Not that I’d mind if I didn’t live in Lincoln Heights.

5 Star Review at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for “Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job”

“I was enthralled by this book. After hitting the bottom of the first page I never looked back. I was pulled into the world of Dr. Hackenbush and her endeavors to deal with life on her own terms. Forced by the untimely death of the transmission of her Karmann-Ghia and the destruction of her baritone ukulele to return to the world of industry, she takes a job with a temporary agency. Complications ensue.”
More of this review at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.