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Yet more internet reading (w/o a net yet)

“A 2017 study on abusive supervision found that people who have worked with a bullying boss report being more withdrawn and depressed, and that targets of abusive supervision report symptoms that bear ‘striking similarities to those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder’.
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Annual Wapshott Press Fundraiser (and our Angel)

My favorite nonprofit. If you have any spare change, it will go farther in 2020. 🙂 Click here for the whole story with links and everything or read on and then click here for the whole story.

2019 was awesome! On to 2020!

And this year the Wapshott Press has an Angel! Our Angel will match each donation up to a total of $1,000. So your donation to the Wapshott Press will go twice as far in 2020!

where paypal charges no fees to either of us, and until December 31, 2019, will add 1% to each donation

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Comics Agonisties: The Big M for Iris

And just in time for the holidays!

Click image for larger version because this one isn’t awesome.

And because I’m nice: Mary Worth, December 1, 2019

And this smug bastard is why Iris should get a female doctor. No woman smirks at menopause. It’s like smirking at a charging rhino or something.

Mary Worth writer and art team, pull yourselves together. Menopause is something I hope M Worth knows a lot about.

This has been a Mayerson Service Announcement.