Hackenblog: Office as prison is not news

“Turning an office into a prison, with inmates allowed home for the evenings, does nothing for creativity that is increasingly demanded of office workers as routine tasks are automated. To be productive you need presence of mind, not being present in the flesh.” The joy of absence. How some companies fight the curse of presenteeism, […]

Very of note

“Besides, there is mounting evidence that the act of writing may deepen understanding in itself. In a book accompanying the BL exhibition, Angela Webb, a psychologist, surveys recent research that compares students’ handwritten assignments with typed and oral reports on the same subject. Most of the data “found overwhelmingly in favour of handwriting as the […]

Electricland review

Mayerson began writing Electricland with a provocative theme: women terrorists–ones who are at post-menopausal age–fight against the way American society treats women. She begins with, “There is nothing more dangerous than a woman with nothing to lose.” Lyn Jensen “Electricland” is published by the Wapshott Press, now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Please visit www.WapshottPress.org for more […]