Blogging is nothing but a chance to remember better.

“In a surprising development in the direct market comics shop channel, DC is ending its 25-year relationship with Diamond Comic Distributors, the dominant distributor of comics periodicals in North America. Beginning June 8, comics shop retailers must order comics periodicals and graphic novels from Lunar Distribution or from UCS Comic Book Distributors; book trade retailers can continue to order DC graphic novels from Penguin Random House Publisher Services.”
DC Ends Comics Distribution Pact with Diamond, by Calvin Reed, PW, 8 June 2020

“Among the 12 black women nominated for best actress, only one has managed to win: Halle Berry. She is also the only woman of color to have ever received the prized statuette.”
10 Black History Makers in the Oscars, by Nathaniel Thompson, Los Angeleno, 10 June 2020

Sorry to fact check N. Thompson, but Hattie McDaniel won an oscar for best supporting actress in 1940 for GWTW

“He’s not alone in these concerns. The World Food Program estimates that 265 million people worldwide could face hunger and starvation due to lockdown-related disruptions in the food supply. Business writer Tom Keane suggests, based on a study linking death rates to unemployment, that pandemic-related job losses in the U.S. alone could translate to an extra 815,000 deaths over the next 10 to 17 years.”
Opinion: John Ioannidis and Medical Tribalism in the Era of Covid-19, by Jeanne Lenzer & SHannon Brownlee, Undark, 11 June 2020

“How did we end up here? The story begins early in the Reagan administration, when the Justice Department rewrote the rules of antitrust enforcement: if a proposed merger promised to lead to greater marketplace “efficiency”—the watchword—and wouldn’t harm the consumer, i.e., didn’t raise prices, it would be approved. (It’s worth noting that the word “consumer” appears nowhere in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, passed in 1890. The law sought to protect producers—including farmers—and our politics from undue concentrations of corporate power.)1 The new policy, which subsequent administrations have left in place, propelled a wave of mergers and acquisitions in the food industry. As the industry has grown steadily more concentrated since the 1980s, it has also grown much more specialized, with a tiny number of large corporations dominating each link in the supply chain. One chicken farmer interviewed recently in Washington Monthly, who sells millions of eggs into the liquified egg market, destined for omelets in school cafeterias, lacks the grading equipment and packaging (not to mention the contacts or contracts) to sell his eggs in the retail marketplace.2 That chicken farmer had no choice but to euthanize thousands of hens at a time when eggs are in short supply in many supermarkets.”
The Sickness in Our Food Supply, by Michael Pollan, NY Review of Books, 11 June 2020

“Thousands of residents in East L.A. and Boyle Heights marched through the historic Whittier Boulevard and Cesar Chavez Street in support of Black Lives Matter yesterday. There were Aztec dance ceremonies in the middle of the street and an appearance by the artist, Miguel.”
¡Presente! Thousands March and Cruise in East L.A. and Boyle Heights in Solidarity for Black Lives Matter, by LA Taco, Photo Essay, 8 June 2020

“A big-circulation print magazine won’t be viable for us this year or next year, so it seems like the right time to evolve.”
California Sunday Magazine Shuts Down Print Edition, by Greg Dool, Folio Magazine, 8 June 2020

“From the early days of the state’s shutdown, health officials made clear the particular risks in salons and barber shops, where services require close personal contact and take place indoors. Nail salons fell under that category. But as the state has released guidelines for reopening more and more businesses, nail salons have been notably absent.”
California Barber Shops Have Reopened. Nail Salons Are Still Waiting, by Jill Cowan, NYT, 10 June 2020

“Through the jingle, you hear someone announcing ‘Tacos, come get your tacos!’ You’re not imagining things, it really is a meme come to life thanks to three 24-year-olds from South Los Angeles who decided they wanted to give back to their communities by helping out local restaurants and providing a food truck for them to use.”
When Memes Come True: a Taco Truck that Cruises like an Ice Cream Truck has Arrived in Los Angeles, by Memo Torres, LA Taco, 9 June 2020

“Who doesn’t know their mother’s maiden name?! A bot that’s trying to convince you it’s human but which hasn’t been programmed to answer that question or improvise very convincingly, that’s who. Or, as I said when I finished playing a new online Turing Test game called Bot or Not, NAILED IT!!”
‘Bot or Not?’ – a game to train us to spot chatbots faking it as humans, by Lisa Vaas, Sophos, 10 June 2020

“Tuesday’s primary elections were once again marred by serious problems at the polls, especially in Georgia. However, in this case, the issues probably had less to do with the COVID-19 pandemic and more to do with the state’s own ineptitude. Almost 90 percent of Georgia’s polling places were open on Tuesday, which is far more than in many other states that have held primaries recently. Only one problem: Georgia’s new voting machines, which were put in place after claims of voter suppression in 2018, didn’t work as well as hoped. There’s no evidence of foul play, but the state was clearly not prepared to hold an election with the new equipment.”
Georgia Was A Mess. Here’s What Else We Know About The June 9 Elections, by Nathaniel Rakich and Geoffrey Skelley, 538, 10 June 2020

“Before we go further: we understand the terrible impacts the virus has had on people lives’ and on our local economy. Metro, too, has also been profoundly affected. Employees have fallen ill, ridership has plunged, bus and rail service has been reduced and our finances eroded. But, like everyone else, we also have seen byproducts of the safer-at-home orders that have shown progress on some of our region’s most intractable problems. Specifically, there has been far less traffic congestion, much improved air quality and safer conditions for walkers and cyclists.”
Metro’s Recovery Task Force releases early recommendations to improve mobility in wake of pandemic, by Steve Hymon, TheSource, 8 June 2020

“Here’s what happened after French struck Sanchez in the back of the head, according to information provided by Hestrin.
“Sanchez opened fire almost immediately — less than 3.8 seconds after being struck by French, according to investigators. It remains unclear whether French intentionally or accidentally hit Sanchez. His intellectual disability left him unable to communicate verbally and made him awkward sometimes in public, according to his parents.
“Sanchez fired 10 shots. Four hit French, three of them in his back, according to the DA. One hit his father in the back. Another struck his mother, leaving her in a coma for more than a week.
“Security video previously kept secret by a judge’s order appears to show French’s father pushing his son away from Sanchez as the officer opened fire.
“Hestrin revealed that Sanchez told witnesses he thought he’d been shot — even though the only gunfire was his own.”
LA Police Commission Says Off-Duty Cop Who Shot And Killed Unarmed Man In Costco Violated Policy, by Frank Stoltze, LAist, 10 June 2020

“Ever since Mark Zuckerberg defended the platform’s hands-off policy toward posts by President Trump that contained misinformation or promoted violence, some companies are staying away.”
‘Morally Impossible’: Some Advertisers Take a Timeout From Facebook, by Tiffany Hsu and Cecilia Kang, NYT, 9 June 2020


Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.
Albert Camus

Friendship often ends in love, but love in friendship – never.
Albert Camus

Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Genius always finds itself a century too early.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.
T.S. Eliot

Getting old is a fascination thing. The older you get, the older you want to get.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Give a boy address and accomplishments and you give him the mastery of palaces and fortunes where he goes.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Give a man a free hand and he’ll run it all over you.
Mae West

God enters by a private door into every individual.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

God screens us evermore from premature ideas.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Because whiteness by its very nature is against blackness, the black prophet is a prophet of national doom. He proclaims the end of the ‘American Way,’ for God has stirred the soul of the black community, and now that community will stop at nothing to claim the freedom that is three hundred and fifty years overdue. The black prophet is a rebel with a cause, the cause of over twenty-five million American blacks and all oppressed persons everywhere. It is God’s cause because God has chosen the blacks as God’s own people. And God has chosen them not for redemptive suffering but for freedom. Blacks are not elected to be Yahweh’s suffering people. Rather we are elected because we are oppressed against our will and God’s, and God has decided to make our liberation God’s own undertaking. We are elected to be free now to do the work for which we were called into being—namely, the breaking of chains. Black theologians must assume the dangerous responsibility of articulating the revolutionary mood of the black community. This means that their speech about God, in the authentic prophetic tradition, will always move on the brink of treason and heresy in an oppressive society.”
Reverend James H. Cone, A Black Theology of Liberation, Chapter 4, p 56, 1986 edition, 1st ed. 1970

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