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“The ‘National Emergency Library’ has made 1.4m ebooks freely available, many by current bestsellers, and sparked outrage from writers’ organisations.”
Internet Archive accused of using Covid-19 as ‘an excuse for piracy’, by Alison Flood, The Guardian, 30 March 2020

“After a week of intense criticism, the Internet Archive yesterday posted an FAQ in response to concerns raised over its National Emergency Library, claiming the effort has a basis in law, and reiterating that the program was undertaken in response to what IA officials see as a national crisis.”
Internet Archive Responds, Says National Emergency Library Is Legal, by Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly, 30 March 2020

“To help you stay on top of it all, SophosLabs plus our data science and threat response teams have created a “living article” where you can quickly access regularly updated information about the expanding ‘cybercorona’ threat.”


“Remember that not every cybercriminal is jumping on the coronavirus scamming wagon – in fact, we’re willing to bet that there are crooks focusing on crimes such as stealing PayPal accounts and hitting you with fake technical support calls who are rubbing their hands in glee right now. Their glee comes from the prospect of people getting so distracted by the much more visible and widely-reported pandemic scams that they no longer have enough time to be vigilant against all the other scams that have been joined by the new-look attacks.”
How to stay on top of coronavirus scams – and all the others too, by Paul Ducklin, Sophos blog, 30 March 2020

“It is an almighty pain, Zoom, with rules and pitfalls we are only beginning to piece together now. I had spent a week doing Zoom dinners before anyone told me it was better to eat before you started. Chewing may be uniquely unphotogenic: it turns out, all those times we went out to dinner before, we were just putting up with each other’s mastication as the price of companionship. I had also tried out all these elaborately cute plans, that we would send out a menu first and all eat the same thing, only to discover that what I really wanted was some Chilli Doritos. After completely fruitless tidying – there is no amount of housekeeping that gives me a backdrop fit for an adult – someone said you could import a background (maybe a beach?) and I probably spent two or three calls not listening to anyone at all, just figuring out how to do that.”
Whatever you do, don’t eat: the new rules of video-conferencing, by Zoe Williams, The Guardian, 30 March 2020

“The new coronavirus, like any virus, is a snippet of chemical memory that will repeat itself quadrillions of times, telling the same story until it is muted by other forces. It is simple. Far more complex are social calamities that survive as memories only for as long as there are people around to tell about them.”
What Sept. 11 Taught Us About Confronting Catastrophe, by Jim Dwyer, NY Times, 29 March 2020

A charity founded by Charles Dickens has launched a competition to find real modern-day characters who could have provided the basis for one of the author’s classic creations.

“Dickens helped to found the Journalists’ Charity in 1864. To mark the 150th anniversary of his death, the charity is asking for written portraits of a modern-day Dickensian character. The subject could be someone in public life, including a politician or and celebrity, or an NHS worker helping to stem the spread of the coronavirus.”
Competition launched to find real-life Dickens characters, by Lanre Bakare, The Guardian, 29 March 2020

“In talking about California’s response to the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, Gov. Gavin Newsom has been unequivocal: The state needs more hospital capacity — and lots of it. Mr. Newsom has said that the state needs to add 50,000 beds to get ahead of the expected surge of patients. On Monday, he said, that surge is materializing: The number of people who have been hospitalized with the coronavirus has increased over the last four days to 1,432 from 746, and the number of patients in intensive care has tripled to nearly 600 in that time.”
What to Know About California’s New ‘Health Corps’, by Jill Cowan, NY Times, 31 March 2020

“When and if Major League Baseball returns in 2020, the sport faces a particular challenge in restarting from the suspension of play caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All players will require something of a second spring training, but one player position needs even more time to prepare: pitcher.”
When Baseball Comes Back, How Much Time Will Pitchers Need?, by Travis Sawchik, FiveThirtyEight, 26 March 2020

“The news of a split emerged in February, when Mr. Koszary wrote a blog post titled “Christ what a weird year.” Tesla was ‘full of intelligent people who’ll change the world,’ he wrote. ‘And it was the right personal and professional decision to let them find someone else to achieve their vital mission on social media.'”
“Asked about his approach for the museum’s social media during the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Koszary said that people seemed to want light relief from the news. But he added that lighthearted tweets would not be enough to get museums through this difficult period. Instead, the Royal Academy’s social team was trying to reflect all aspects of how people were feeling, he said: ‘this weird mixture of scared and bored.'”
Museum World’s King of Memes Brings Humor to Lockdown, by Alex Marshall, NY Times, 30 March 2020


From now on, I’ll connect the dots my own way.
Bill Watterson

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.
John Wooden

Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.
William Butler Yeats

To curb the machine and limit art to handicraft is a denial of opportunity.
Lewis Mumford

To hold a pen is to be at war.

To live is to think.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.
Alphonse de Lamartine

To paint is a possessing rather than a picturing.
Philip Guston

Truth is strong, and sometime or other will prevail.
Mary Astell

Try to keep your soul young and quivering right up to old age.
George Sand

We all become great explorers during our first few days in a new city, or a new love affair.
Mignon McLaughlin

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