Encore, Je lis les internets

“In the absence of any powerful debunking of his testimony, there may be only two arguments left for Mr Trump’s defenders to marshal against his accusers. The first, which may take the form of any manner of distraction or conspiracy theory, is: Go whistle. Most Republican voters love the president, don’t care about Ukraine, and their elected representatives are not about to disappoint them. This is probably good enough for most House Republicans.”
Gordon Sondland weakens Republican defences against impeachment, by The Economist, Nov 21, 2019

Well, there goes rule of law as we know it. So long Enlightenment, it was swell while it lasted.

“Mr Easterbrook is not the first company boss booted out over a dalliance at work—and unlikely to be the last. In 2018 Intel’s chief executive, Brian Krzanich, resigned after the chipmaker discovered a similar affair. One in three American adults are or have been in a workplace romance, according to a poll this year by the Society for Human Resource Management, an association of hr professionals.”
McDonald’s fires its boss over a workplace romance, by The Economist, Nov 9, 2019

“One in three American adults are or have been in a workplace romance…” ? Maybe workplace romance is something to be managed, not stamped out. Maybe it’s time to put a good old American HR spin on concubinage for the good of worldwide capitalism. Also, 1 in 3? Hello, young lovers, you must be awfully discreet where I work because Miss Ginger had no idea what-so-evah.

“Having come to power on the promise to provide bread and end war, the Bolsheviks confronted the prospect of being swept away by hunger. Unable to feed their own people, the leaders of the proletarian revolution turned to the West for help. Maxim Gorky, a Bolshevik writer who had once demonised American capitalism, appealed to ‘all honest European and American people’ to ‘give bread and medicine’.”
A century ago America saved millions of Russians from starvation, by The Economist, Nov 9, 2019

Yeah, I remember being told helping the Soviets in the 1970s was the right thing to do, too. Not sure what it says about America that we had a potentially humanity annihilating arms race, 50 years of cold war, and stole the god-like Mikhail Baryshnikov from them, but we never let the Soviets starve. And the 2016 election is our thanks. Oh, where have we sinned? Oh, how may we be forgiven?

Mary Worth, Nov 21, 2019

Be strong, Estelle, be strong. We know Wilbur (guh) got you on the rebound from your $10K catfish experience, but then he left on some trip for 3 months, brought over a boxing video for you both to watch without asking how you feel about boxing (which you dislike), then arranged a double date with his ex and her hot younger tech billionaire boyfriend on which date Wilbur got drunk as a skunk, embarrassed you, and had to be carried home (by you). We already know Wilbur has a weakness for sandwiches and can’t hold his liquor, but now, for God’s sake, we know he has ABYSMAL taste in music. Okay, he sent you, like, a million roses, but it’s not enough. IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH. So be strong, Estelle, be strong.

“San Francisco’s experience sheds light on what might happen if the bill becomes law. Roughly five years after a moratorium in 2008 on single-dose rodenticide on city property, rat colonies began showing resistance to multidose poisons, says Luis Agurto of Pestec, which has a thriving rat-control business in San Francisco. Many rats had associated their illness with the slow-acting poisoned food and avoided it, a phenomenon known as ‘bait shyness’. San Francisco’s mayor when the moratorium was introduced was Gavin Newsom. Opposition to ‘super-toxic rodenticides’ was part of his campaign last year to become California’s governor.”
A Californian bill would make it harder to control the state’s thriving rats, by The Economist, Nov 23, 2019

Is it NOT the 21st Century! Are there NOT cyborg rat catchers! Genetically engineered rats that won’t breed like, y’know, rats? Clever(er) rat traps even? Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Build a better rat trap and all creatures great and small of California apparently will thank you. Oh, here’s an idea, an LAPD idea yet, LAPD enlists feral cats for rat patrol. Okay, doesn’t solve the rat population explosion, but maybe these badasses of the LA urban wildlife scene will kill a few rats just for kicks or instinct or something. I love California because it’s mine, but, sometimes, GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…! Pull yourselves together, people!

“This week an even bigger name joined the party – Windows 10 – which Microsoft has announced will integrate the ability to use DoH, and eventually also its close cousin DNS-over-TLS (DoT), into its networking client.”
DNS-over-HTTPS is coming to Windows 10, by Naked Security, Nov 21, 2019

I kind of didn’t understand this article, and suspect I don’t have to, but I think it’s important enough to have in here.

Re-over-thinking Ocean’s 13: why didn’t they just set the casino on fire to get everyone out and close it? Hm.

“There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we’d all love one another.”
Frank Zappa

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