Comics Agonistes: When Dick met Mike

For the love of God, who are these guys? Now I have go look something up. My life is already endless internet toil, when all I like about comics is that usually you can instantly understand what’s going on in any Sunday strip. Then, here are these two square-jawed hunks. Y’know, I might not look this up because a) I should know so I must suffer; b) all will be revealed on Monday; c) girls love mystery; and d) meh.

By the way, Mike, if that’s who you are, you could go camping under that 70s necktie you’re wearing.

Full disclosure: I’m not fond of these comics cross-overs the DT team do so often, but if Tom of Finland’s Police Officer Kake ever shows up in Dick Tracy, I will attain a state of such pure unadulterated exalted joy that I’ll hang up my comics mocking spurs forever. However, I wouldn’t hold your breath, folks. (but… Tom was in The Economist recently and I never thought I’d see that…)

Quote of the Day:
“The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.”
Salvador Dali

What the f…

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