Terrifying childhood movie of the week

“When I started watching this movie to review it, I was worried that it would end up kicking something in my subconscious awake again after so many years, and I’d have a bad dream related to it. But I was so irked about the ignorance in the commentary that instead I had a dream in which Officer Eve Whitfield and I were working on an investigation in a warehouse. No nasty little goblins involved.”
The fabulous Kit Ramage reviews “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark”

Maybe technology and stupidity can help us overcome our childhood TV watching.

Me, I was so freaked out by “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” I ended up watching the last half of from behind the couch. This, and “Trilogy of Terror”, also reviewed by K Ramage, are 70s movies I hope are never remade with state of the art CGI. I think more realistic effects would send me over the edge.

I love Jim Hutton. He was so tall, so handsome. Sigh.

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