Burne Hogarth at Art Center

“Yes, he was egocentric, but — damn, he was good!

“Burne Hogarth comes through loud and clear and with predictable bombast in Gary Groth’s incisive interview with him in “Classic Comics Illustrators”, Volume V in the Comics Journal Library.

“He also came through loud and clear, etc. when teaching students at Art Center College of Design during the 1980’s and 90’s, which is where and when I knew Hogarth and can therefore vouch for the validity of Mr. Groth’s interview. But what I truly appreciated, in reading the interview, was the opportunity to hear Hogarth explain, discuss, elucidate, clarify, (pontificate about?) so much of his background and so many more of his points of view than I had heard at Art Center.”
Burne Hogarth at Art Center, by Nancy Lilly, J LHLS Buzz, October 2, 2005 (pdf from soon to be gone on 8/22/2019 website at www.liheliso.com/buzz/)

Yes, Nancy Lilly and friends remember him well.

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