Half-way Good Omens

“THERE ARE not a lot of things at which the English can still claim to be world champions, but being twee is one of them. Even the Scandinavians, with their bicycles and midsummer celebrations and hygge, cannot match the everyday tweeness of the English, who go on holibobs (holidays) and say “soz” (sorry) because they can’t make it “tomoz” (tomorrow). The Scandinavians have dark winters and darker thrillers to balance out their twee. England has rather grim soap operas, and Brexit.”


“Which brings us to Good Omens, a book published in 1990. The authors, both legends in their own right, are Neil Gaiman, latterly of Sandman and American Gods fame, and the late Terry Pratchett, of the Discworld series. Being both English writers with a penchant for dressing in black and writing humorous sci-fi/fantasy novels, the pair’s collaboration inevitably produced a book that used twee as its narrative engine. Nearly three decades later, Amazon Prime has brought it to the screen in six very twee episodes.”
“Good Omens”: too twee or not too twee?, Prospero, Economist, June 6, 2019

Here are my problems with “Good Omens” the TV show:

1. It aired on May 30, when it was supposed to air on May 31, so I spent the first 10 minutes convincing myself it was really the episode and not yet another trailer. Then I had to convince myself I wasn’t watching a “Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy” remake.
2. My goodness, Neil Gaiman really really really wants to be Douglas Adams, doesn’t he? And his screenplay shows it.
3. Crowley should have bent Aziraphale over the hood of his vintage Bently and fucked him at least once. Or at least just one a big wet kiss. Oh, c’mon! I can’t possibly the only one who wants that!
4. It could have been 3 satisfying episodes instead cumulatively 3 satisfying episodes and 3 tedious unnecessary episodes.
5. It shocked me when I realized Michael Sheen was the drug crazed lawyer from S3 of The Good Fight. What range that man has.
6. I just love David Tennant. But I love Bill Nighy more.

Oh well, still glad I got to see it and enjoy about 50% of it (see #4 above).

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