Electricland serialization, part 6/7

It had taken the kid a few days to calm down and feel comfortable around Russek. On their first night together nightmares had sent Drew scrambling for his inhaler. Russek could only hold him lightly until the kid could breathe easily again. Eventually the nightmares subsided, but a new nightmare began to loom over them: Drew had been reclassified from witness to terrorist. Only Russek and a few others knew this and Russek had managed to convince everyone around him that it was absurd. For the moment they were allowing Russek to keep Drew with him under house arrest (although Drew didn’t know it), but the pressure was mounting from the Feds to move the kid into any lock-up available. Russek had been able to stall, bully and maneuver the system into putting Drew in LA Men’s Jail where he’d be close and Russek could call in a few favors to keep him safe until he could get him out. If he could get him out: there was that to worry about.

They’d become lovers a few days after Russek brought him to his place. After a long day policing, Russek came in bone tired and disgusted. But Drew had smiled, the first relaxed and happy smile Russek had ever seen on him, and said, “Welcome home.” Russek’s usual manly clap on the shoulder became a caress as Drew leaned into it and became an embrace that became a long sweet kiss, seemingly of its own accord.

“Sorry,” Russek said, leaning back to put a little space between them and get a good look at Drew’s face.

Drew closed the distance and nestled in his arms, face buried in Russek’s shoulder. “I’m not.”

They moved to the couch to make out and talk a little before anything irrevocable happened. The kid was practically a virgin; he’d only made love a couple of times, and that was with some older guy in Baku. “Baku? Where’s that?” Russek asked.

“Azerbaijan,” Drew said. “On the Caspian Sea,” he continued when he got a blank look. “Kind of between the Middle East and Russia.”

“Oh, what were you doing there?” Russek asked, nibbling on Drew’s earlobe. “Don’t tell me, ” he whispered. “IT consulting.” He smiled against Drew’s nod. “That’s a long way from here. How’d you get there?”

“My mom was a secretary with the Embassy in Prague,” Drew said, tilting his head to give Russek better access to his neck. “She brought me over when I finished college, but we didn’t get along so well, so I split and wandered around until I landed a job in Baku.”

“How old are you, Drew?” Russek asked, holding him closer.



“Just this older lady once,” Drew said. “In Baku.”

“You didn’t get a lot of action in Baku,” Russek observed.

“I got all my action in Baku,” Drew said wryly.

Here’s the rest of this scene, including the sex scene: ElectriclandSerializationPart6of7withSexScene.pdf. No, no idea why I’m being so shy. Just am. GM

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For those of who’d rather read this as a pdf, it’s here: Electricland_by_Mayerson_Serialization_Pages. Ain’t I nice?

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