Electricland serialization, part 2/7

Almost every man in the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail downtown owed Detective Paul Russek a favor. But there were only a few in there he thought he could trust, and only one he knew he could. And only this one was a nicer guy in jail than out. The double glass between them hardly muted the sneering respect between him and Bishop.

“Fluorescent orange ain’t your color, but the shaved head kind of suits you.”

Bishop grunted a laugh and waited for Russek to go on. “Hey, I’m living. Who the fuck cares what I wear?” he asked when Russek didn’t go on. “You come here to get thanked again for saving my life? Thanks. You can leave now.”

“So, I saved your life,” Russek said pleasantly, small lines crinkling around his pale blue eyes in a smile. Or an assessing squint; it could be hard to tell if Russek was smiling when he wasn’t laughing. “You can return the favor, right?”

“In here?”

“Yeah, actually…” Russek looked embarrassed and annoyed at the same time, but didn’t break eye contact. “There’s a new guy going to be in your cell in a few days. His name is Andrew Ryan. I want you to keep him safe, like really safe, like you keep your own ass safe.”

Bishop raised an eyebrow. “What’s he in for?”


“Ah, like all the fish lately,” Bishop said loftily. “For how long?”

“No idea,” Russek said sharply. “Just keep an eye on him.”

“He special to you.”

“Just kee–”

“You know this place is jam packed with terrorists lately,” Bishop casually mentioned. “Ever since that shit went down in Irvine, you coppers are dumping terrorists in here like they was going out of style.” He eyed Russek, wondering how far he could push him. Looked like pretty far. “I’m in a two-man cell with four guys, copper, I can barely protect my own self.”

“I’ll do something about it as soon as I can,” Russek grated out. He ran a big hand over his cop-cropped dirty blonde hair. “I’m not God. If I was God, I’d get him into a minimum security facility.”

“Why dontcha?”

“They’re full up with lawyers on contempt raps after Irvine,” Russek said sourly. “I could’ve told them revoking attorney-client privilege retroactively was gonna suck.”

“My lawyer don’t have these problems,” Bishop said.

“Your fucking shyster only defends thugs. He’d never stoop to defending a mere terrorist.” Russek rolled his shoulders. “You gonna help me, Bishop, or not?”

“Okay, okay. I owe ya. I’ll keep an eye on this, whatever his name is–”

“Andrew Ryan.”

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For those of who’d rather read this as a pdf, it’s here: Electricland_by_Mayerson_Serialization_Pages. Ain’t I nice?

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