Why printed books will be with us for a while longer

“There’s an underlying issue at play in all of this, the fundamental that books, in whatever their form, are simply text delivery systems. That sort of reductionist approach is true enough – whether ancient papyrus scroll, manuscript copy, printed book, or digital text the essential point is to distribute the written-word product of someone’s thinking – but the down to earth reality is quite different.

“Before books were printed, they were laboriously copied by hand and the text was often illustrated – illuminated – by artists of great skill. The book, very soon, became more than the text. The hundreds of years of perfecting the book were more than technical progression. A large measure of the book’s development has been due to it’s excellence as a medium of artistic expression, whether through its binding, the quality and appearance of its printing, etc. Long ago, books became a gestalt experience, the actual content surely its primary raison d’etre but not the only reason to appreciate and enjoy them.”
E-Publishing Consultant Mike Shatzkin Doesn’t Understand Books, by Booktryst, Seattle PI, August 19, 2010.

Yeah, e-books, ebooks, eBooks, alas, this book, Electricland, won’t be on Kindle or ePub due to some text formatting neither of those formats likes one bit. It will, however, be a available, um, somehow as a pdf, but I haven’t worked that out yet. But I will and I’ll let y’know.

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