Electricland serialization, part 1/7

Electricland There is nothing more dangerous than a woman with nothing to lose. Bureaucracy: It’s Wonderful Disciplinary action meetings for extramural anti-terrorism units (EAT-U) were held in a secure auditorium-like basement beneath a Virginia shopping mall. It was a grim room, but the middle-aged woman in the baggy tan suit had triumphed so often in […]

The Ruricolist on the perfection of the short story

“There are too many short stories in the world. For all x, where x is heartbreaking or horrifying, mystifying or magnificent, pitiful or precius, agonizing or astonishing—some short story already satisfies it perfectly. “There is always room for another novel. Novels are too long for perfection. All novels do something wrong, leave some promise unfufilled. […]

Why printed books will be with us for a while longer

“There’s an underlying issue at play in all of this, the fundamental that books, in whatever their form, are simply text delivery systems. That sort of reductionist approach is true enough – whether ancient papyrus scroll, manuscript copy, printed book, or digital text the essential point is to distribute the written-word product of someone’s thinking […]