Attention Amazon-less-than-lovers

Good news for those of you who’d like to support the Wapshott Press and independent booksellers. Well, now you can do both in one mouse click:

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job at

All the Wapshott titles are there, too. Yay!

Full disclosure: I have less of a problem with Amazon these days than I used to. Wapshott runs books through Createspace, which is Amazon’s POD arm. I do this because it’s the absolute best way to do this I’ve found so far. For example, Wapshott books are on w/out so much as lifting a finger beyond what I normally do at Createspace. For what I’m doing at Wapshott at this time, they’re good; I hope they stay that way. And if they don’t there are already almost as good alternatives, Baker & Taylor, for one example. Lulu just got too expensive a while ago and their cover quality isn’t as good as Createspace.

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