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I, for one, welcome our new POD masters

And a world without excess inventory and waste in general.

“For over a decade we have had before us a technique for publishing books called print on demand. Those who witnessed its introduction at a book expo in 1998 declared the process revolutionary. Though it’s taken a decade or so to refine the technology, they were absolutely correct. The delivery system has matured and begun to make serious inroads on the traditional one. Though representing only 2.5% of all book production in 2009, it is expected to grow at 16% per annum according to David Taylor, president of Lightning Source, the nation’s biggest POD firm. The first generation of Espresso POD machines, now being installed in libraries and bookstores, promises to expand the technology’s popularity even further. As anyone who has seen a demonstration of the Espresso can testify, the process itself is a technological miracle and will most certainly be miniaturized. It is easy to imagine a day when POD kiosks – in bookstore or non-bookstore venues – will issue books from an infinite inventory of digitally stored titles.

“But it is not just the technology that is so exciting to contemplate. It’s the business principle underlying the process that promises the invigoration and perhaps even the salvation of printed books.”
Publishing 3.0: A World without Inventory Part 1, by Richard Curtis, [e-reads], April 18, 2010

I’m glad I’m not the only one saying this. Also see the comments on the [e-reads] webpage.

Dread Pirate Mayerson gives an interview

“Q: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things, what would they be?

“A: A fully outfitted frigate, a skillful crew and a satellite phone. I’d sail the high seas, rescuing people marooned on desert islands with only three things. I’d be known as the Dread Pirate Mayerson, the Scourge of Silly Interview Questions. And if I had an internet connection I’d blog about my adventures.”
Review & Author Q&A: Electricland with Ginger Mayerson,, July 10, 2010

Life=Art; Art=Life

“PHOENIX (AP) — Minutemen groups, a surge in Border Patrol agents, and a tough new immigration law aren’t enough for a reputed neo-Nazi who’s now leading a militia in the Arizona desert.

“Jason ‘J.T.’ Ready is taking matters into his own hands, declaring war on ‘narco-terrorists’ and keeping an eye out for illegal immigrants. So far, he says his patrols have only found a few border crossers who were given water and handed over to the Border Patrol. Once, they also found a decaying body in a wash, and alerted authorities.

“But local law enforcement are nervous given that Ready’s group is heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement, an organization that believes only non-Jewish, white heterosexuals should be American citizens and that everyone who isn’t white should leave the country ‘peacefully or by force.'”
Man with neo-Nazi ties leading patrols in AZ,, July 17, 2010


“We’re here to discuss the best use of the weapons and explosives you got this morning, sir, and don’t try to tell me you didn’t,” Isabella said. “You know as well as I do that a semi rolled up here at six and unloaded crates marked as heating and plumbing supplies, and was gone by nine. The Imperial Wizard appreciates your efforts on behalf of a more secure and pure America.”

“And who might you be?” he asked, reeling a little from how much this woman knew about his day, but still playing it cool.

“I’m Mary Anne Evans and this is Marlene Lamarr,” Isabella said.

“Our people also appreciate the efforts of the Minutemen for a more secure and pure America,” Kate’s voice was monotone and her posture ramrod straight. “And your efforts for the White Race have not gone unnoticed by those in authority. Our organization contributed to this morning’s shipment and I am here to offer what assistance is needed.”

“The Aryan Nations have sent you one of their best advisors,” Isabella told Martin, who was looking a little pale. “Maybe we could sit down someplace and talk.”
Page 63, Electricland, review copies available upon request.

Weird, huh?

Midwest Book Review

“Employment is one of the most frightening things that can happen. ‘Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job’ is the story of Jazz singer Mabel Hackenbush as she faces her situation of being a secretary as her ideal life is derailed. Not without her adventures in spite of this delve into the status-quo, ‘Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job’ is a fine read that is well worth considering.”
MBR: Small Press Bookwatch, July 2010

Right to the point and spot on, too. Yay!

Attention Amazon-less-than-lovers

Good news for those of you who’d like to support the Wapshott Press and independent booksellers. Well, now you can do both in one mouse click:

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job at

All the Wapshott titles are there, too. Yay!

Full disclosure: I have less of a problem with Amazon these days than I used to. Wapshott runs books through Createspace, which is Amazon’s POD arm. I do this because it’s the absolute best way to do this I’ve found so far. For example, Wapshott books are on w/out so much as lifting a finger beyond what I normally do at Createspace. For what I’m doing at Wapshott at this time, they’re good; I hope they stay that way. And if they don’t there are already almost as good alternatives, Baker & Taylor, for one example. Lulu just got too expensive a while ago and their cover quality isn’t as good as Createspace.