Housekeeping and plugin test

How boring, but necessary:

I finally got smart and figured out how to crosspost everything here to, the HQ of this wonderful mess known as Mayerson writes books (yay?). We’ll see how well that works with this posteroo.

Also, there is the thingy that is all new and shiny (to me), so there’s a for those of you who like such things. Everything that posts on the Wapshott Press website, will aggregate on the Tumblr account. There might be some independent Tumblr action, but not much as I can barely keep up as it is. And for those of you who’d just like to leave all this publishing behind and follow the incandescent posts at The Hackenblog on Tumblr, this is your lucky day: Will Tumblr replace Twitter? I can’t believe I’m wondering about this. I do like Tumblr more than Twitter, but that’s not saying much.

Thank you for your attention! And Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who has one. I’m agitating for a Divorcee’s Day, but it’s not getting much traction. Hallmark just isn’t returning my calls, dammit.

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